Several years ago, two generations of Applebys bought adjoining homes along Verona’s riverfront. Since then, we have been enjoying our backyard—one of Allegheny River’s most scenic sections—by boat, paddleboard or simply from our deck chairs at sunset. 


We’re excited to share our love of the river by embarking on the restoration and transformation of a marina located in Verona, Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River. We want to create Verona's premier recreation center for river life. The project combines our love of water with our artistic and scientific backgrounds.  10.7 Marina is named for its location on the Allegheny River at 10.7 miles from the point where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio river. 


A high school art teacher, Kelly Jane Walker enjoys many mediums including collage and watercolors. Her favorite medium is designing spaces. She is well known for epic Halloween dance parties and Airbnbs that capture the essence of 1950s mid century modern style or famous female artists such as Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe.  https://abnb.me/2WKzyCQoS7    https://abnb.me/5R5kBiSoS7



A fine arts graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Ray Appleby turned his love of metal work into a custom fabricating shop. For two decades, he has been creating some of Pittsburgh’s signature architectural metal pieces, including the Bakery Square sign atop Pittsburgh's Google Headquarters.  https://www.techniqueap.com/      https://www.instagram.com/technique.ap/ 


A native of England, Edmund Appleby completed a PhD at Kings College of the University of London. In the 1960s, he settled in the Pittsburgh area to work for US Steel as a materials scientist. While Edmund calculated steel’s structural properties, his son was drawn to the metal’s creative and playful side. Retiring by the water brings Edmund back to his roots; his early life was spent in a resort and deep-sea fishing port on England’s Northwest coast.  Edmund and his wife, Patricia, enjoy watching their four grandchildren explore and appreciate living along the river.


Thanks to the Appleby’s investment in developing the marina, many people will be able to share in the beauty of the the Allegheny River. 


Best wishes from the entire Appleby Family. 

Designed by 10.7 Marina @ 2020